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Luccia chose to read and review Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler

Kings and Queens - Terry Tyler

Kings and Queens – Terry Tyler

A Tudor Retelling

I loved the unique premise of Kings and Queens. It is an original take on the Tudors by transferring Henry VIII and his court to contemporary England. It tells the story of the life and loves of Harry Lanchester, who has a successful property developing company, Lanchester Estates, in the south of England. It was fun working out who the contemporary characters might have been in Tudor England, and watching how the author adapts them and their circumstances to recent times.

Terry Tyler has chosen a very clever way of exposing her main character, who is denied a point of view in the novel. Various first person narrators, his wives and his best friend, Will Brandon, each with their unique voice, tell us all about Henry Lanchester, so that we get to know him through the eyes of those closest to him. I love these multiple viewpoints, because they empower the readers to make their own decisions about the character.

Another noteworthy aspect is that it brings the reader face to face with the cyclical nature of life, love, and history. People with power, their behaviour, as well as the way those around them regard them, has not changed since Tudor times. It makes the reader reflect on how human nature has or hasn’t changed over the centuries.

There are also many humorous moments, and twists and turns, making it an entertaining and enjoyable read. A must for lovers of Tudor England and contemporary family sagas.

I am looking forward to reading The Last Child, a sequel to Kings and Queens.

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  1. Luccia, I love that you pointed out about human nature not changing. That was something I wanted to show in this: different clothes, same people, almost! Thank you again, very much indeed, for this lovely review, and of course to Rosie too xx 🙂 🙂


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