Beach Read Blog Tour 2015 Day 9 #Beachbooks @jontybabe @BrookCottageBks

Welcome to day 9 of the beach reads blog tour, everyone should be feeling lovely and relaxed now on our virtual holiday.

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My guest today is Debbie Johnston from Brook Cottage Books

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Thank you to Rosie for inviting me to be a part of her Beach Reads feature. When it comes to thinking about my perfect holiday destination I am going to be greedy and list two! The first one would obviously be lying on a hammock between two palm trees on a desert island somewhere with cocktails close to hand. The sound of the sea would eventually soothe me to sleep! The second destination is a cabin or cottage beside a lake with a mountain back drop! Perfect! To date, my most perfect holiday destination has been Malta. Beautiful scenery and equally beautiful people!


My 5 holiday reads would be:

A Self Help / Inspirational book (which would get your mojo back for when you return home) 


On Writing by Stephen King. This book is an amazing insight into the great man himself, with stories about his childhood and his early writing career. The book offers really sound advice for those venturing into the world of writing. The format would have to be audiobook as its read by Stephen King himself and I guarantee you will instantly fall in love with his voice and the way he reads!




A book that interests you although it’s from a genre you’ve never read.


Biocentrism by Lanza and Berman. This is from the Science / cosmology /physics / non-fiction genre. Definitely something I would never usually read! However the subject matter interests me greatly and I have actually bought this book already! The premise of the book is basically that consciousness is the key to reality. The universe exist through our minds! Talk about get your geek on!




A book from your favourite genre 


One of my favourite genres is the horror genre. I have chosen Misery by Stephen King as it was the first Stephen King book I ever read and from then on in I was totally hooked on the man! It’s so well written and super creepy. In the words of Annie Wilkes, the scary woman in the book, I am his ‘number one fan!’




A book you’ve been meaning to read for ages 


I have been meaning to read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger after really enjoying her book The Time Traveller’s Wife. I have the book on my bookshelf staring at me and it really needs to go to the top of my TBR list! It sounds like quite a spooky read with a bit of a mystery behind it too. Just the sort of thing I love!




A Fun Read 


For fun overload I always recommend books by Carol E Wyer. Carol has such an hilarious way of looking at the world and her books always produce a bit of a giggle, especially her ‘grumpy’ series of books. Her latest book Grumpies On Board is on my TBR list at the moment and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in! It’s a light hearted look at the latest adventures for those of a certain age! Carol definitely believes in getting older rather disgracefully and with a bang!




Thank you Rosie for letting me take part in this feature. It was great fun! Not sure if you need all this but here it is anyway.



In the bookish world I am known by the name JB Johnston and this is the name I sometimes write under. I also work under the name Debbie Johnston!  I would love to be a writer but in the meantime, and until I actually get an ounce of talent, I review and promote books for various sites, publishers and individual authors.
I was an intern with Safkhet Publishing where I was a Marketing Assistant and Editorial Assistant and was the editor for Little White Lies and Butterflies by Suzie Tullett. I am also a book tour co-ordinator and organise and run virtual book tours for authors. If you have a book to promote then I can help you do that. I organise and co-ordinate online promotion parties for authors and publishers. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy! I am a beta reader for some authors which I really enjoy.

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I review books from my own personal bookshelf also and support a variety of Indie authors. I am a monthly contributor on Siren FM radio for the show ‘Books Rock’ which is hosted by author Nicky Wells. I’m a Lifestyle reviewer for the award winning Loveahappyending Lifestyle magazine, which won the 2013 Romance Industry “Innovation in Romantic Fiction” award. I was shortlisted for Romance Blogger of the Year 2013 in the Romance Industry Awards.  I am involved with the Plum Tree  Books Group and regularly read and review books for  where I am on the review panel.


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21 thoughts on “Beach Read Blog Tour 2015 Day 9 #Beachbooks @jontybabe @BrookCottageBks

  1. Good morning Debbie, another intriguing selection of super reads. I see Stephen King’s ‘manual’ is there and also on my tbr list, but I don’t think I could face Misery, the movie scared me silly! Loving the sound of the Grumpies though. I can certainly identify with that genre!


  2. Lovely choice of book, Debbie. I can recommend Stephen King’s On Writing, despite the memoir part (that’ll get you moving up the TBR pile, hmm?) Loved Audrey Niffenegge’s The Time Traveller’s Wife and, ashamed to say didn’t realise she’d published another. So thanks for the head’s up.


  3. Sounds like a great set of books. I really need to get to Stephen King’s On Writing sometime. I actually bought it for someone else a while ago and not for myself! And, like Adrienne, I suspect I would get along very well with the Grumpies 🙂


  4. I really do have to read On Writing, too – oh dear, if I see one more person saying that…! I read Misery years ago – excellent book, far more scary than the film. Love the cover for Her Fearful Symmetry – oh, okay, it’s enough to make me click and look 🙂


  5. Another Malta loving person – hello 🙂 At this second mention of On Writing I shall have to get that though I’m not sure about Misery – there’s a part of the film that makes my knees go weak just at the thought of it, though I don’t usually mind horror. I also loved the Time Traveller’s Wife and didn’t know there was another out by Niffenegger so I’m definitely interested in that. Many thanks for sharing another interesting selection of books Debbie.


  6. ‘On Writing’ is fabulous, and Terry, I agree the book of ‘Misery’ is far more terrifying than the film. Loved The Time Traveller’s Wife, so will have to read Her Fearful Symmetry. Another great selection (and a great choice of destinations too).


    • Glad to see you think the same as re me Misery, Alison – that’s REAL talent, making a book that scary – no eerie music or atmospheric camera tricks needed!! Yes, yes, I must read On Writing…. Okay, ladies, it’s now on my to-read list! Mind you, so are about 6 books from this tour already. Like it’s not long enough…!

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  7. Hi – I think the two-holiday thing is awesome! I can’t do Stephen King’s Misery, but I think Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger sounds very interesting. 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews


  8. Loved both of Stephen King’s books, and have had Her Fearful Symmetry for ages but haven’t read it yet. Grumpies on Board sounds like a hoot. Another fabulous mixed bag. Thank you for the wonderful reviews. 🙂


  9. Great choices Debbie. Now I really will have to read Stephen King. Loved the Time Traveller’s Wife but need to give her other books a try. Thanks for sharing – excuse brief reply; on holiday and Internet is impossible ATM


  10. Hey guys, so glad everyone liked my selection of books! I think its good to mix it up with lots of different kinds of books. Hope you all find something new and interesting. x


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