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On the cusp of adulthood, Rebecca Grey has no idea where her life is headed. Like many of us, she struggles to build a sustainable identity, a task made even harder by the fact that her mother is engaged in an extended breakdown and her absent father has another family to worry about. Dealing with their problems leaves little time for her own, and pretty soon, something has to give. As she toils under the weight of a tragedy that was never hers to begin with, Rebecca faces the impossible task of carving out a future for herself, all the while shadowed by the mistakes of her parents. Told with an experienced voice through the eyes of three characters. Another Rebecca tells the story of one family’s moving inability to let go of the past, of love lost and found, and a young woman’s determination to pull herself out of disaster

What i say

What can i say about this book it so gripping it a page turner but i had to think about the characters at the start i was not sure of them but then they fell into place i soon got pulled into their life’s you will soon relies that the story told by the points of views of the different character mum , dad and Rebecca it will just hit you i felt for them all It a fab read it a very in dept and very deep tale that just pulls you into the plot and hooks you The book very much about loss i mean any kind of loss like love , a person , your self and how you cope Rebbeca a brilliant character my heart when out to her at times she was a carer for her mum it was so hard for her the compassion and love this young girl had so was heartbreaking she was so lovely but her life was tough Her mum was not so nice i found her to be hard and very selfish at times but she was a alcoholic she was in a very bad way i did feel the underlying theme of this book was a very deep devoted love. Rebecca adores her mother i felt her mum had her heart broke but i felt she really recovered for that i felt for them all it so sad to read about

Rebecca change so much as the story goes on she was like the waking dead i want to tell you more but i love you all to read it a very in dept tale it so brilliantly wrote it just grips you the writing style flows so well it a very thought provoking read

Thank to brooks cottage for letting read and review i am also part of Roise book review team

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  1. This sounds a good book. For comments on the review, I will say, please have short sentences and give breaks while you are detailing the story. Be careful of the spellings and proofread before the publishing. Otherwise, you have reviewed the book quite nicely. I will surely give it a reading. Thanks for your review, because review for these books are rarely available!!

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