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Liz chose to read and review Concealment by Rose Edmunds


Concealment by Rose Edmunds


In “Concealment” we meet high flying achiever, Amy Robinson, Head of the Entrepreneurs’ Tax Advising Group in a large finance company. But “nothing is but what is not.” Amy hides a secret from her youth and she is determined to appear normal, despite the voice in her head.


If that were not enough, Amy has to refuse bonuses and deny promotions at the bid of her boss Ed Smithers, earning the enmity of staff in her department. Next day, after an unpleasant experience with Ryan Kelly, her ex brother-in-law she learns that his girlfriend, Isabelle, an employee from her department has suddenly disappeared. Amy’s suspicions move from one colleague to another, following on from Ryan’s words that Isabelle had found discrepancies in the accounting of a slate quarry which is about to be acquired.


Amy takes over preparations for the acquisition, which means she has to speak to Greg, her ex-husband, who is leader of the Corporate Finance team. She wonders if Isabelle’s rapid promotion by Ed Smithers was because of a liaison or to keep her quiet. As Smithers increasingly undermines Amy’s authority she is glad to have the sympathetic ear of her only friend Lisa, who also has reason to distrust Smithers.


But Amy’s behaviour seems to be becoming increasingly odd. The voice in her head now has substance in the figure of her younger self, who berates her for not managing her childhood more effectively. As murder is followed by a suicide, is Amy suffering from paranoia or is she really in danger?


The novel moves rapidly, as Amy stumbles from one disaster to another revealing the source of the mystery. Does she have the strength to extract herself from an impossible situation and prove to Detective Chief Inspector Dave Carmody that she is telling the truth? There is treachery and confusion in a story I couldn’t put down!

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