Before The Dawn by @GeorgiaRoseBook #Romantic #Suspense Grayson Trilogy

Before the DawnBefore the Dawn by Georgia Rose

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Before The Dawn is book two in the Grayson Trilogy. It crosses romantic suspense with mystery. Emma Grayson is the equestrian groom at Melton Manor Estate. To the locals this is a working farm estate, but inside it’s an external force for MI6 to use. Top man Cavendish and his family are now targets for a ruthless organisation known as the Polzin family after the team recently put a stop to a branch of their human trafficking business.

Retaliation from the Polzin is expected and security on the estate steps up, as does the relationship between Trent and Emma. Caught between wanting to protect Emma and doing his job Trent finds letting Emma look after herself a challenge.

With a breach of security it’s up to Emma and her horses to try to protect the children and her own survival instincts kick in when they are most needed.

I loved the jump straight into the action from the start of the book, it kept me reading and eager for the story. The setting and military use of surnames makes recognising characters easy, perhaps a little added background to some of them would help readers picking this book up as their first read of the trilogy. For my own tastes I would like to see the romantic boundaries stretched further with a few more details to the passion scenes, this would give more depth to the characters of Trent and Emma and really get the readers behind two good characters. Looking forward to book 3 and the final chapter of this trilogy.

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9 thoughts on “Before The Dawn by @GeorgiaRoseBook #Romantic #Suspense Grayson Trilogy

  1. Unless you are naturally disposed towards writing rude bits, it’s a difficult thing to do; at first you think, “NO!! I can’t write all that stuff!” But I agree that, these days, the kiss then dot-dot-dot thing doesn’t work so well (not saying that’s what Georgia has done, I’m talking generally), and for a story that’s mostly about love it’s essential to stick a bit of passion in, simply because it’s such a huge part of it. I found that the way to do it was to imagine the scene, think about how it actually IS, to risk getting involved in all the cliches like arched bodies, shortness of breath and mounting desire – cringe!!!


    • I have found it a tricky balance Terry because I get feedback ranging from those who want more of the sex stuff in there and those who tell me my characters are leaping into bed every fine minutes! So it’s all about the readers perspective isn’t it? I do think there is less of it in this book because there is so much more action but I’m hoping to get it right in the 3rd book – or at least right for some of the readers if not for the others!!


  2. Thanks for this great review – looks a book I’d like. Iv’e been asked in the past how I can write the sex scenes I do in my books. I just tell them I have a good memory!


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