Wednesday Wing…..Just 2 clicks to Twitter and pass on by, is that enough? #WriterTip #wwwblogs

Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing

Rosie's Notebook

Where I’ll be passing on observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.

Today I’m passing on a tip about sharing posts on Twitter.

I’m the first to raise my hand and admit to BAD HABITS when sharing posts to Twitter.

You know what it’s like, too little time too many posts, posts you feel obliged to share, posts you skim read and hit the “Share” button and move on.

How many of them will just be lingering on you Twitter feed with very little sharing by others?

Here are a couple of tips to help make some of your tweets that you share from blogs look a little different and more eye catching.

Quick Tips to make the Tweet look interesting with very little effort

Turn this tweet– Wednesday Wing…Just 2 clicks to Twitter and pass on by, is that enough? wp-aaabbbccc via @rosieamber1

into this tweet –


Just 2 clicks to #Twitter and pass on by,




This first example joins many others drifting through the Twitter feeds. While the second looks different and will start to catch the readers eyes.

It easy to use the bloggers basic Tweet info from their posts title and change the sentence format, swap some words for Capital letters and add a hashtag.

Want to go one further? Some bloggers posts aren’t linked to their twitter accounts, (see this post with a tip on how to link a WordPress account to your Twitter if you can have your Twitter account tab open you can look up their twitter name to add to your tweet.

Bloggers, do you want your blog shared on Twitter with an eye-catching tweet? In your blog title put in everything you need, example; if it’s a book review make sure you have the book title and the author (if you put the author’s name as their @Twitter name this will make a better Tweet) add a hashtag word in your title such as #bookreview add a couple of other words maybe exciting thriller or cosy romance, anything relevant to your post.

If it’s a guest post make sure your blog post title says something like this #Guest #Author Joe Blogs chats about his book and explains why Cats: A Man’s best friend left him Mum laughing @JoeBlogs27

What can you do if you want to add something to your blog title in WordPress after you’ve drafted it?

Sometimes I write a blog post and then need to change the post title,

Step 1 change the title

Step 2 change the permalink – click on the edit button below the main blog title and a box appears, your title is shown in all lower case letters with hyphens between each work, no @# signs show up here. Don’t worry, add in any new words you’ve added in the title with a hyphen between each word, no spacing and no capital letters, then click ok, then save your draft.

wed wing edit

This is a very basic piece of advice on permalinks, you can google more and get really technical. I find the above enough for my use.

Wednesday Wing will be back on June 17th after the Beach Reads Book Tour

27 thoughts on “Wednesday Wing…..Just 2 clicks to Twitter and pass on by, is that enough? #WriterTip #wwwblogs

  1. It’s all about thinking about what would make YOU click on that link. When I first started Twitter I saw so many authors just tweeting their book title and Amazon links. The only reaction to that can be ‘so what?’. I spend time thinking about how to present my blog posts on Twitter, particularly on the hashtag days, with a catchy headline that will make people click, and pictures if relevant – you need to leave 23 characters for the picture. And with books, you need to say what it’s ABOUT, I think.

    I don’t do Twitter via share buttons, so can’t comment on that, I do realise not everyone has time to do Twitter ‘live’, but it is worth it. I’ve noticed how you’ve started putting the tweet at the top of your posts for the share thing – what a good idea!!


    • Thank Terry, it may not make the title look “pretty” but it helps to get instant shares sent in the right direction. I’m not great yet with my own tweets but I’m trying to get there most of the time.


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  3. I am laughing as I write this. Twitter is not on my radar screen however much I love my other social media opportunities. I thought to myself, now if Rosie would tell me how to get color fonts on my wordpress blog, I would hug her neck in thanksgiving. Today’s tip is definitely for OTHERS.


    • I can do that Stepheny – when drafting your post have the screen on “visual” Look for the letter A with a line under it on the on the grey header with all the symbols. There is a down arrow next to it, click on it and a colour pallet appears. I highlight the word or sentence I want in colour, go to the pallet and click on the colour I want. Your word should now change colour, click off of it and see.


  4. I definitely need to put some time aside to put a bit of thought into tweeting better – it’s always done in such a rush and I’m sure it would be much more productive if made more eye-catching. Thanks for the tips Rosie 🙂


  5. So many good ideas – just need some time to sit down and implement. Printed your post off and a stuck it on my noticeboard in the hope of subliminal ‘take-up’


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