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You Think You Know MeYou Think You Know Me by Clare Chase

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You Think You Know Me comes from the ChocLit stable of books for those who are unsure what this label entails, here’s a quick note. Established in 2009, Choc Lit is an independent publisher, specialising in quality women’s fiction with romantic content.

Anna Morris is a freelance reporter and the book opens with her attending an art gallery opening in London run by Sebastian Rice an old friend from her University days. Anna has articles lined up for a couple of magazines about artist Zachariah Shakespeare. During the evening she meets a man who calls himself Max Conran, but Anna soon finds out that is a false name, what does he want from Anna?

Anna lives with her cousin Alicia and another girl called Sally, both very different characters who make an interesting addition to the storyline. Anna’s income relies on her reporter articles, it’s not a steady job and Anna make exquisite evening bags in her spare time.

Mystery Max turns up a second time and puts Anna on edge, is he a stalker? She corners him and he admits his real name is Darrick Farron, he’s very good at getting information out of others and turning the conversation away from himself. He eventually admits that he is an undercover art investigator.

Out of the blue Sabastian offers Anna a full time job and warns her off Darrick, but others are acting weird and Anna wants answers. The past is dug up when she finds more about Darrick and the mystery continues.

There is a good storyline running through this book. It’s written in quite an unusual style with a emphasis on the dialogue between the characters telling the majority of the story. I did feel that a few more breaks in the dialogue would have given the reader a little break in the pace, a mix of writing styles helping to give a depth to the scenes which dialogue alone can’t reach. Overall an easy read, light mystery with a touch of romance.

This review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author Via ChocLit books.

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