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Cookie chose to read and review Guardians Of The Dead by S.L. Wilson


When sixteen-year-old Amber Noble’s dreams begin to weave into her reality, she turns to the mysterious Connor for help. His links to the supernatural world uncover a chilling truth about her hometown and a pact that must be re-paid with blood.

As her father alienates her, and the Guardians take her best friend, her true destiny unfolds, and she begins a quest that will see her past collide with her present.

Drawn deeper into the world of witchcraft and faeries, it is only at the end of her journey that she realises how much she could lose.

Guardians of the Dead delved deep into the fantasy world with characters that tug on your heartstrings and show emotion deeply.

The action in this book kept me hooked from the beginning. The difference in personalities and the way people can change really show in this. You definitely see the development of Amber from Page 1.

I am a lover of Fantasy and Dystopian novels so Guardians of the Dead fits me perfectly. I love the way the chapters split the storyline and the way relationships change.

As for the characters, Amber holds a strong friendship with her best friend, Tom, who have gone through everything together. Patricia’s actions and speech create an instant disliking and really makes you feel for Amber. Connor can understand what Amber is going through and is always there to comfort her.

The cover for this novel is intriguing as it is mostly grey, Amber’s unique strand of silver in her hair is highlighted very clearly and the title’s colour is white, making it noticeable. Due to the cover having this colour scheme, the interest for the book is immediate.

I would recommend this book for teens and up without a doubt.

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