Cupid’s Way by Joanne Phillips @joannegphillips #Romance

Cupid's WayCupid’s Way by Joanne Phillips

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Cupid’s Way is a cosy romance set in Bristol, UK. Evie Stone is due a couple of weeks holiday where she’ll help her Grandparents attend a meeting about the future of their house. But first she must give a talk at a Go Green Conference for her boss in Cardiff. She’s late because she fell asleep on the train and she arrives flustered.

A lovely man called Michael finds her in reception and helps her arrive in time to present her lecture on “Cladding For The Cost Conscious”. With a storm blowing in, trains are shut down and Evie spends the night in the hotel bar with Michael. There’s a spark between them which is still there at breakfast next morning, until Michael abruptly leaves.

Later Evie attends a planning meeting with Frank and Mavis and the other residents of Cupid’s way. Their homes are under threat from a developer. The council want to build a much needed medical centre and the residents are being offered a financial reward to move home.

Evie is shocked and angry when she finds that Michael is the CEO of Dynamite Construction, the developer working to take away her Grandparent’s home. Feeling let down by Michael, Evie put aside her personal feelings for him and promises to help in any way she can to stop the plans to demolish Cupid’s Way.

An easy read with a gentle romance.

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