Would You BUY or PASS? #FridayFiveChallenge – Mr Darcy’s Christmas by Elizabeth Aston

Welcome to my Friday Five Challenge

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Get yourself a cuppa and give yourself 5 minutes.

In today’s online shopping age, readers often base their buying decisions from small postage stamp size book covers (Thumb-nails), a quick glance at the book description and the review. How much time do they really spend making that buying decision?

AUTHORS – You often only have seconds to get a reader to buy your book, is your book cover and book bio up to it?

My Friday Five Challenge is this….. IN ONLY FIVE MINUTES….

1) Go to any online book supplier,

2) Randomly choose a category,

3) Speed through the book covers, choose one which has instantly appealed to your eye,

4) Read the book Bio/ Description for this book,

5) If there are reviews, check out a couple,

6) Make an instant decision, would you BUY or PASS?

Here goes…

This week I chose FAN FICTION as my category,

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

This was much harder than I thought and I spent nearly all of my time searching the pages for a book I’d even heard of or was likely to has a slight interest in.

Price £1.49

Book Description

Set in the wonderful world of Jane Austen, this sparkling and witty Regency romantic comedy takes us to Pemberley for an enchanting Christmas story of intrigue and love. A joyful treat for devotees of Pride & Prejudice and for those who love Georgette Heyer

Curl up with a box of chocolates and travel back to a snowy Regency Christmas to share the festive season with the Darcy family. Dream of mince-pies and wassail, Yule logs, dancing—and stolen kisses under the mistletoe.

Georgiana Darcy, haunted by her near-elopement with Mr Wickham, plays safe when she accepts a proposal of marriage from handsome, rich and well-born Mr Moresby. Her brother, Mr Darcy, finds him prosy and Elizabeth has her doubts about him: is this really going to be a happy marriage?
As the Darcy family gather at Pemberley to celebrate Christmas, envious Caroline Bingley spreads spiteful rumours about Georgiana.
Can the attractive and sympathetic Sir Giles Hawkins rekindle Georgiana’s true Darcy spirit? Will she fight to save her reputation? And will she at last listen to what her heart is telling her about love and happiness?

Number of pages; 69

Reviews; 8 on Amazon.co.uk and 19 of Amazon.com with a total of 14 5*’s between both sites.

Would I BUY or PASS?…….BUY


The fan fiction category flashed into my head just before I sat down to do this week’s challenge, so I went for it – all part of the wacky challenge!

As I said above, this category choice was pretty hard for me and I wanted to see what there was on offer. In the end I chose this book because although I’m not a big fan of Jane Austen books, this offered a quick alternative read. I am intrigued as to where the storyline will go.

The book cover tells me all I need to know – historical period, seasonal and just the name “Darcy” sends my brain to Jane Austen. The book description said “Witty” which I liked and the thought of curling up with chocolate and a comfy chair to read this short book was all I needed to finalise my decision.

I only had time to glance at the number a star rating of the reviews because I’d spent all my time searching for the book, so it would be with fingers crossed that my BUY choice would be the right one.

I’ll be back next week with another Friday Five Challenge, do feel free to join in.

20 thoughts on “Would You BUY or PASS? #FridayFiveChallenge – Mr Darcy’s Christmas by Elizabeth Aston

  1. I think it is quite a skill to get the sound and feel of these ‘follow on’ stories right and if that doesn’t work then it could be a bit of a dire read, although at 69 pages at least not for too long! Rosie, just as you have opened my eyes to reading other genre out there over the last year you are now doing the same with your category choices – thanks 🙂


  2. Yours is an interesting choice.
    Interesting what catches your eye and you are pulled in to reach for a particular book. The cover of some genre’s have too much going on and I go cross-eyed or nauseous.
    About fan-fiction, I’m not clear how I feel. Not that long ago, it had a bad name, but now seems all the rage.


  3. I’d just like to say that I LOVE this idea, generally, Rosie – I’ve read all the posts! What a brainwave! Grrrrr to all the people hijacking the hashtag, though! I bet loads of people join in as the weeks go on.


  4. Great idea for a Friday, and this book, at its short length, sounds like a keeper. If it were longer, I might resist. Approaching a Jane Austen book always required a sigh and a commitment!


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  6. I went to Amazon. Chose literary fiction, then short reads. ”The Carpenter’s Bench” by Michele Mc Grath caugt my attention. It is short story of 2500 words.
    The book cover instantly got my attention and I found the synopsis to be intriguing.
    ”Before she starts a long and difficult journey, a woman says goodbye to her special place and the memories it holds. She knows that her courage and faith will be tested to extreme limits and that she will never return to her home. For a little while she dwells in the past, as she attempts to prepare herself for the future”
    The book only has 1 review but I don’t mind. It costs $0.99.
    I bought it!


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