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The Downunder KidThe Downunder Kid by Peter M. Clutterbuck

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The Downunder Kid is a children’s story for older primary school children around the age of 11 years. It has two settings, London and Australia.

Sam Bond lives in Littlebury Lane in a London suburb and is in his final year of primary school, he’s a small boy and is threatened by local bullies Wally and Arthur Fletcher. Whilst avoiding the boys Sam asks to do some extra school research in the school library cellar. Here he discovers a book called A Journey Downunder from a boy called Zachary Tyler written around 1798. It tells of the adventures of this 12 year old boy who dug a tunnel from London to Australia.

Terrified of Wally and Arthur, Sam runs home and frantically starts digging in his garden following instructions on how to get to Australia. A couple of days later Sam finds himself upside down on the other side of the world.

Advised to get anti-gravity boots to stop him falling off the world, Sam discovers friendly people in a place of heat and flies. He enrols at the local school and finds inner strength to face the bullies in a lucky turn of events. He uses his adventures and experience to beat the London based bullies when he returns to London via the tunnel.

This is a fun book about school bullies. There is a list of Australian terminology at the end of the book. There are quite a few long grown -up words and expressions which added to the Australian slang may make this book challenging for some readers. One small point, I wasn’t convinced about the anti-gravity boots, children today are well travelled and know about countries all over the world from school lessons, plus television brings them right into our homes and although a fun idea, would they really believe you might fall off the world?

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