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My review for “We Go Again” – 3/5
“This is a descriptive account of the movements of British soldiers during the end of the WWII, whilst posted in France.
If it was based on a real account, had been written in a diary format, or from a first person’s point of view it might have been more powerful. In the way it was written it worked well as a historical reflection on what could have happened and how the men and women involved felt.
There is not much of conclusion to the story, other than to describe the horrific events that occurred. A lot of the facts are poignant and harrowing, as well as touching in giving us a glimpse into how some women felt liberated by the war. For example, by taking on jobs traditionally viewed as meant for men – flying a plane!
The fact many young men lost their lives on all sides of the war is important to remember and the author raises a lot of issues we should never forget. Saying this, it made me sad to think that French women were that desperate to throw themselves into the arms of British soldiers. I find this hard to believe unless they really saw it as the only way to have a better life. But, I can’t imagine they all did it as willingly as portrayed in this account.
A minor gripe was a scattering of typos. It would be a good idea to edit this piece again a few times.
Overall, a thought-provoking read for WWII enthusiasts.”
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