#Bookreview @ElementalRancor: A Chronicle of Consequence by Charles Lominec

Elemental Rancor: A Chronicle of ConsequenceElemental Rancor: A Chronicle of Consequence by Charles Lominec

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Elemental Rancor: A Chronicle of Consequence is a fantasy tale. The Zangava Empire is about to be turned into turmoil after a far away star explodes and disappears. The shock waves from the explosion send ripples to the Empire and unbalance the equilibrium which exists.

The Empire is currently held together by the elements air, fire, water, earth and many sub-elements like flesh all having a consciousness which the special tutors tap into to maintain the balance. However with the ripples from the star changes occur and new people seek to control the elemental powers.

The book opens with us meeting Sarnen, a sea captain who is transporting valuable Reptadon eggs. Sarnen and his family have their own storyline within the book. The Empire uses many different dinosaurs to help protect the empire. There is also a mix of other interesting fantasy creatures and peoples as the storm seers attempt to take over control of the elements.

There is a huge cast of characters, one worthy of an epic film and for my own enjoyment this detracted from the storyline, as I was unsure which were to be main characters and worthy of remembering and which could be passed by. I felt like I was watching this book from afar rather than being there with the action. The book is also packed with a vast adventure and I struggled to keep in touch with all the storylines. I think the book would benefit from a slim down with a focus on the main characters, I knew their names but I lacked the pictures of them in my head. More vivid descriptions of characters and their characteristics would really make this book pop.

Overall lots of new ideas for the fantasy market, perhaps a bit of slimming would help give the story a chance in this popular genre.

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  1. Hi, Rosie – That’s exactly what I run into from time to time. So many characters and situations to try to follow. My pea brain can’t handle it all. 🙂
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    • Choosing which of your beloved characters to get the chop is very hard for many writers who have spent hours on a book. Beta readers are useful before publication.


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