Silence and Circumstance by Roy Dimond

Silence and CircumstanceSilence and Circumstance by Roy Dimond

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Silence and Circumstance is mystery set around the eleven days in December 1926 that Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared. Roy Dimond weaves a story around what could have happened in those eleven days when the world waited for answers. Told through the eyes of Charlotte Fisher, English governess to the Christie household, the tale begins with the arrival of a letter and a huge family row.

The Christie’s live in a house in Sunningdale, Berkshire. Agatha persuades “Carlo” as Charlotte is known, to travel to London on her behalf and attend an urgent meeting. When she returns home the household is empty and the police arrive to announce that Mrs Christie has gone missing.

With the help of many, many famous characters from the world of literature and art they begin a quest to find a missing diary. Mixed with this is Carlo’s introduction to various secret associations of modern artists and thinkers who are trying to bend the future of man towards enlightenment and insight. They warn of the dictators and tyrants of the world who wish to take over the free will of the people.

The style of the writing is a meandering, twisting and turning of the reader’s mind creating a great long mystery with its unravelling of clues and ultimate finale. I did have several issues with the language which hampered my enjoyment of the book, this was December 1926, England. I would have felt happier with handbags, not purses, gardens not yards, promenades not boardwalks, streets not blocks, streams not creeks, no Zebra crossings yet, it’s too cold in December for nearly all butterflies. We take milk more commonly with our tea not cream. I question trains running at midnight from London and taking until late afternoon to reach Sunningdale only a short distance away and we always spell “gray” with an “e” in England.

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  1. Sounds like someone wrote a book without doing any research…!! Funny how we know American English but they don’t know ours 😀


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