Imminent Danger: And How To Fly Straight Into It by Michelle Proulx

Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It (Imminent Danger #1)Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight into It by Michelle Proulx

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Imminent Danger: And How To Fly Straight Into It is a YA sci-fi tale. I enjoy watching several Sci-fi series on TV where its very visual, portraying this same image to a reader using the written word is a great skill. I’ll be honest I had forgotten the reason I downloaded this book and I opened to the first page with no idea of the storyline. From the title I assumed a mystery or a thriller, so was shocked when seventeen year old Eris was quickly abducted by blue aliens.

At first I did that eye roll of disbelief, but then I thought hang on it’s ok. Get past the awkward introduction and language barriers and now we have a feisty heroine a cute small furry creature called a Claktill and the start of a well written storyline.

Eris finds she’s been abducted by Captain Hroshk of the Ssrisk nation who intends to sell her for a large reward. She’s given an advanced communication translator called a Lamri so she can understand their language. However the ship is very soon attacked and Eris and Miguri the Claktill are rescued by Varrin a Rakorsian mercenary. Rakorsians are an advanced humanoid race but Varrin’s only in it for the money too and he sells Eris and Maguri to the Chakra Corporation for experimental purposes.

This is a fun fast paced adventure with plenty more mishaps, near escapes and double-crossings across the galaxy with the promise of a sequel later this year for fans like me who have become quite fond of Eris, Varrin and Miguri.

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16 thoughts on “Imminent Danger: And How To Fly Straight Into It by Michelle Proulx

  1. A good review, and I agree with your points: this was an entertaining book to read, and I don’t recall things slowing down at any point. I wasn’t particularly fond of the book’s romantic aspects, but hey.

    I take it you’ll be reading the sequel :)? I’ll be reading it too at some point; I’m interested to see where all of this ends up.

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  2. Hi Rosie – You know, I do that all the time — forget why I was interested in a book and just begin reading without knowing where it’s going to take me.
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