Kinetics: In Search Of Willow by Arbor Winter Barrow

Kinetics: In Search of WillowKinetics: In Search of Willow by Arbor Winter Barrow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kinetics: In Search For Willow is a YA urban fantasy. The author has created a world of kenetic powers and you can feel the energy and enthusiasm of this young writer’s story as you read. It’s fast paced. Eugene is fifteen and in love with school sweet-heart Willow, but today will be the last day of normal life for Eugene, everything he once believed is about to fall apart.

A fire starts at school, it soon circles the entire school, those trapped inside are having hallucinations. Eugene tries to save Willow who is trapped inside, but finds it’s Willow who does the rescuing. Everyone is taken for an inspection after the fire by InfoCon and Eugene finds he’s labelled as a Vunjika, an untrainable.

At home he learns of the Anyan Alliance, that his Dad is chief of intelligence and that Willow knows all about it too and she is a kinetic healer. Eugene is shocked and confused, he feels betrayed by his family, they want him to sign up and join them but he’s hesitant.

They take him to an Anyan conference to help him with his choices. He learns of another group called the Isiroan and that the two groups are at war. When the conference is attacked and Willow kidnapped Eugene will do anything to rescue her. However he is still unsure of joining the Anyan Alliance and decides to go it alone with his rescue plans.

There are lots of twists and turns that follow in Eugene’s adventures and the book ends with a natural point ready to continue the story in the next adventure. This book is very suitable for the young adult market, those who like the gaming world and the fantasy worlds of boundless reality. There are a mix of writing styles and techniques, changes in points of view and areas which need tightening up to make this book really pop and be noticed in this very competitive genre.

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