Letter O April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

Day 15 April A to Z Challenge, my theme is characters from books I’ve read, plus some audience participation.

Letter O is for Rose O’Carroll from I Listened To My Heart by Rosemary Gallagher.


Rose O’Carroll lives in Australia, she comes form a large family. We meet her just before her fortieth birthday when she decides she’s going to spread her wings and move to London. Rose believes in Angels, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. She’s always spoken to her Angels and firmly believes that everything happens for a reason.

The book is narrated by Rose in a chatty format which made me feel like one of her girlfriends, I was there with her through all the trauma and the love. This book is about faith, love and friendship. Rose has yet to be seriously in love and over the next ten years of her life we are taken on a spiritual roller-coaster as Rose finds her twin soul and her soul mate. She pushes her own boundaries of self discovery and becomes a better person for it.

I can’t wait to read the next book. This book is for all those who believe in their Angels and those who love a good love story.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

For my audience participation I’m asking reader to create book titles using the letter O from the picture below.

A book title and cover picture can often make or break a book sale. Is a book cover eye-catching? Does the book title appeal to the reader?

Have fun creating book titles from my own pictures, you might even think about a genre they could fit.

River Boats

Leave your answers in the comments below and I’ll choose my favourites.

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35 thoughts on “Letter O April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

  1. Thanks to everyone who suggested a book title to yesterday’s picture, here they are; Nowhere but Niagara, Naked Water, N=Niagara Falls, Not for the feint-hearted, Niagara drencher and Natural Nostalgia.


  2. Open Water Part 2 ~ the Canal
    You’ve seen the film Open Water, when two people get left behind after a diving trip, and are left bobbing about in the vast open ocean with no hope of rescue? This is the rather rubbish sequel, in which the same thing happens but in a canal. It’s only a few pages long, because someone spots them from the bank and they get rescued almost immediately.


  3. Oceans Beckon – a retired couple decide that pottering along English waterways is a little dull and take to the ocean in their unsuitable boat. Cue hilarity, peril and self-discovery.


  4. Thanks so much for the mention. Rose O’Connell sounds like the heroine in my book Penniless Hearts–except instead of angels she’s kind of lost in her imagination. The photo prompt–‘River Life’.


  5. Good evening. Better late than never. I’m thinking of incorporating an other-worldly theme into my next novel so I read this review with interest. Will be looking at it in a bit more depth, time permitting. As for the title – Going Overboard – a love story – springs to mind.


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