Letter L April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

Day 12 of the April A to Z Challenge, my theme is characters from books I’ve read, plus some audience participation.

Letter L is for Lottie Brinkley from Stable Mates by Zara Stonely


Stable Mates is a hot romance or bonkbuster and not a book for those who like their romances sweet. Written in a style similar to Jilly Cooper it may not be for some readers, while others will thoroughly enjoy this romp around the Cheshire countryside involving death, disaster, passion and feuds.

Rory Steel is a sexy three-day eventer and owner of a small horse yard in Tippermere. Billy Blinkley is a former superstar show-jumper with a reputation as a womaniser. Amanda James is a grieving widow and now owner of Folly Lake Equestrian Centre, while Lady Elizabeth Stanthorpe resides over all the proceedings with a meddling and mischievous skill.

Through lots of confusion and twists Lottie, Billy’s daughter is searching for reasons why she loves the place and is desperate not to see it sold off and her father left homeless. Should she keep forever chasing the hopeless Rory or should she look for love and stability elsewhere? Perhaps Mick the Irish Farrier has the answers or perhaps Tom the supermodel?

This was a fun read and very suitable as a holiday or beach read.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

For my audience participation I’m asking readers to think up book titles using the letter L for the picture below.

A book title and cover picture can often make or break a book sale. Is a book cover eye-catching? Does the book title appeal to the reader?

Have fun creating book titles from my own pictures, you might even think about a genre they could fit.


Leave your answers in the comments below and I’ll be choosing my favourites.

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43 thoughts on “Letter L April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

  1. So yesterday’s letter of the day combined with a tricky picture proved a much harder book title, but here are the ones that made it through; Knockout Falls, Kayaking King of the Roaring Rapids, Knife’s Edge, Killer Falls and Kittling Fish and their journey. Thanks to everyone who took part.


  2. This sounds like a holiday read for me – good thing I’ve already got it on my kindle!

    Loquacious Lizzie the Lively Lizard – a tantalising tale about the stalwart of the coffee morning circuit, a gossip extraordinaire, she knows how to run a decent raffle and never arrives without her famous, award winning coffee and walnut surprise tucked under one leg??? (Just realised they don’t have arms ;-))


  3. Leonard Eyes the Prize – a thriller set in the cut-throat world of big business. Lizards and sharks lurk everywhere.


  4. I think book covers and titles are a HUGE important “front door” or first impression. Very established authors can pretty much do as they wish, but when trying to break through I believe it is very important.


  5. Stable Mates sounds like a fun read, am going to check it out!
    As for the title ‘Looks could kill’ (wanted to say Killer Look, but that won’t be with L :-))


  6. Lenny the Lizard – children’s book !! Oh, I do love a good bonkbuster, I’ll have to investigate STABLE MATES. Maybe my book title should be – Lenny the Lascivious LIzard, so NOT a book for children. Ha ha.


  7. Lizard on the Loose – children’s picture book about the class lizard getting out and wreaking havoc in the school as the kids try to catch him.
    (thanks for encouraging others to visit my blog. I love yours and am now a new follower)


    • Thank you Maria, these are really all random pictures from my own collection, but I wanted to have a fun challenge to get people thinking about the importance of book covers.


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