Good Deeds Challenge Year 2, Week 51

Welcome to my second Year of Good Deeds, a challenge I set myself during April 2013. I decided to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year, now I almost finished my second year.

New Good DeedsThis week I’ve been doing the following;

April 5th – Easter Sunday. Finished The War before mine by Caroline Ross. With a character called Rosie I could hardly not read it.

April 6th – School holidays so its litter picking today as my Good Deed.

April 7th – I’m reading Elemental Rancour: A Chronicle of consequence by Charles Lominec A early morning walk and litter pick today.

April 8th – Busy with the family, tipped the barber and had a quick walk, picked up litter which was blowing around.

April 9th – The A to Z challenge is now into its second week, plenty of blogs to visit each day and share their posts.

April 10th – Started reading The Downunder Kid by Peter Clutterbuck, kidslit.

April 11th – An afternoon at the in-laws helping clear clutter ready for their house move. Still plenty more to go before the big day in a place with more than 200 years of this family’s occupation.

14 thoughts on “Good Deeds Challenge Year 2, Week 51

  1. It’s hard to believe you’re almost ready to start year 3 of the good deeds Rosie. I think you may have shaken a few of us out of our lethargy an started us thinking of things to do. Well done you.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. More than 200 years of this family’s occupation? I can hardly stand the thought; how can they? Moving is not only hard work, but emotional though it’s been our decision to make it. ❤ ❤ ❤
    Can't believe you're almost at the end of Year 2 of Good Deeds. ^^'


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