Letter I April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

Day 9 of the A to Z Challenge and my these is characters from books I’ve read, plus a little audience participation piece.

Letter I is for Isabella Lanchester from Last Child by Terry Tyler


Last Child is the much anticipated sequel to Kings and Queens. It’s a modern day take of the loves and lives of The Tudor descendants of Henry VIII. Kings and Queens introduced us to Harry Lanchester, property developer and his six wives again in a mirrored modern day setting. With Last Child we read about similar mirrored lives of his children. Jasper – Edward VI, Isabella – Mary I and Erin – Elizabeth I written with a fictional take which brings these modern characters alive.

It’s a stand alone book but you would get so much more from it if you first read Kings and Queens because many of the characters return in this wonderful tribute. There is an introduction to set the scene and a link to helpful historical notes if it’s a period of history you are unfamiliar with. The book is written in three parts like the reign of the three characters from history and the chapters within are told from the points of view of many of the wonderful colourful players in the story.

With (King) Harry dead, twelve year old Jasper is son and heir to the Lanchester estates, Uncle Ned Seymour is appointed to run the company until Jasper is of age. Jasper and Erin are living in the care of their stepmother Kate who recently married Jasper’s Uncle Aiden. Within the business there are fighting factions, Jim Dudley is assisting Ned but doesn’t get on well with him. Erin and Isabella are divided in whom they support while Jaz, as he likes to be called is really just an out of control teenager raging against life and hormones.

Having lost both his parents Jaz finds it really hard at times to express himself and ex-nanny Hannah Cleveley suggests he uses a Dictaphone as a type of therapy. As a reader it’s a lovely way to reach inside the mind of a teenage boy and shows the pressures he feels life puts on him and how he copes.

When disaster strikes, the door to managing Lanchester estates is opened for Isabella to take over, we have a brief interlude when the storyline turns to the life and events which surround Raine Grey who in history was Lady Jane Grey who reigned for just nine days. I wanted to dislike Raine when we first met her but she became one of my favourite characters by the end.

During Isabella’s time as manager of Lanchester estates, she rules with an iron-fist and an unpopular one too. Desperate to find someone to share her life and to pour her love into she has a holiday romance with Philip Castillo who she meets in Spain. Everyone can see it’s a disastrous choice except Isabella who becomes so intense that it drives her to madness.

Waiting in the wings is Erin, a chestnut haired beauty who has worked hard and is valued by all those around her. A strong supporter of her family and friends, she’s not been left untarnished by the tragic events that surround her life. Seeing so many of those she loves die and aware of the disastrous trail of marriage break-downs that she has witnessed, she vows never to marry despite the constant companionship and on/off relationship she has with Rob Dudley.

I knew the end of the book was near but I wanted to shout NO when I reached the last line, I wanted more. When a book leaves you emotional and begging for more it’s definitely a sign of a brilliant read. Worth everyone of it’s five stars and more.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

For my audience participation piece I’d like you to think up book titles using the letterusing the picture below

A book title and cover picture can often make or break a book sale. Is a book cover eye-catching? Does the book title appeal to the reader?

Have fun creating book titles from my own pictures, you might even think about a genre they could fit.


Leave your answers in the comments below and I’ll be choosing my favourites.

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45 thoughts on “Letter I April A to Z Challenge #AtoZChallenge

  1. Thanks to all the book title suggestions yesterday I had so many to choose from, here are some of my favourite; Hogwarts on the High Seas, High Jinks on the High seas, Hidden below deck, Help! Over Here and Haunted Horizons.


  2. Thank you so much, Rosie, Alison and Cathy!

    That title’s a hard one. Hmm….. Icarus (the butterfly who flew too close to the sun). Either a children’s book or a some sort of wildly esoteric literary fiction!!!


  3. Brilliant review, and I just have to read this book, but will definitely read Kings and Queens first, as I love this period in history and think Terry’s take on it sounds fascinating.
    Difficult title, er …Innocent’s Red Admiral …heroine’s name is Innocent, she’s captured by a handsome pirate nicknamed the ‘Admiral’ – sporting a fetching red beard!


  4. Lovely to read your review of a book I’ve really enjoyed. My heart went out to Isabella, and so many other characters in this book. Today’s title: “If a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings…” – a story of existential angst in the twenty-first century.


  5. Another great review. I am lucky enough to live within strolling distance of Hampton Court Palace, where Henry V111 used to argue with his succession of wives, so the history of the Tudors is quite well known to me. Transporting those lives to the modern era is an ingineous idea


  6. Great review, Rosie. I don’t think I’ve ever known as many people raving over one book as with this one which is a credit to that there Ms Tyler’s writing 😀

    As for the pic I’m sticking with erotica (blame Terry!) and Illicit Flutters


  7. Incredible Flight of the Impure Butterfly

    That book (and series) sounds really interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

    J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge 2015!
    Great post. I’m following you on your listed social media sites.


  8. Hi Rosie … and Terry – what a great sounding book … and a great way to learn about that period, albeit with a slightly different take .. definitely an R for raving reviews … thanks and I’ve just downloaded both .. cheers Hilary


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