Letter C The April A to Z Blogging Challenge #AtoZChallenge

Day 3 of the April A to Z blogging challenge and my theme is book characters, plus some audience participation.

Letter C is for Charlee Montague in Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb


Lizzie Lamb’s characters are so lovable, Charlee became my buddy from the very first line. She was fiery unpredictable and quite honestly a delightful handful. Charlee Montague is an intern at “What’Cha” Magazine, the lowest of the low and given the worst jobs. But she has a passion to make it big and her feisty attitude nearly gets her in to BIG trouble at the book awards when she gives her honest opinion about photographs by high profile author Rafael Fonseca-Ffinch.

Next day instead of being fired she’s given the chance to redeem herself with a story about a young Royal playing away from home. But she has a partner and she must face Ffinch. Her best friend Poppy fills her in on Ffinch; kidnapped in Columbia by the Aguilas Negra, he was left to die, until he was rescued by an Amazon tribe. Now he’s putting all the proceeds of the book in to a hospital boat and Charlee must eat humble pie.

The short story piece is only the tip of the iceberg and Charlee finds herself going the extra mile to get her scoop. Faking an engagement and booking herself in to a Boot Camp for Brides, Charlee’s fulfilling the role, but what is it that Ffinch isn’t telling her? Frustrated Charlee threatens to find the truth herself and just how long will it take for her to also see what else is standing right before her eyes?

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

For the second half of my post I’d like you to create a book title using the letter C for the picture below

A book title and cover picture can often make or break a book sale. Isย a book coverย eye-catching? Does the book title appeal to the reader?

Have fun creating book titles from my own pictures, you might even think about a genre they could fit.


Leave your suggestion in the comments below and I’ll be choosing my favourite

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65 thoughts on “Letter C The April A to Z Blogging Challenge #AtoZChallenge

  1. A big thanks to all the suggestions for the letter “B” photo, I had several favourites they were; Bearing All The Buns, Bear With Me, Bear Blue, Bearstone Hall and Bear The Truth. Have fun with letter “C”.


  2. “Crumbs, all we got for tea woz crumbs”, an extremely badly written memoir about children forced into hard labour by evil early 19th century mill owners. (Tagline: a tale of survival against the odds in Squire Nosepicker’s hell holes).

    I think I’m starting to get the hang of this, now… :^D


  3. Hi Rosie, greetings from a very wet campsite near Fowey where getting on the internet has been a bit of a challenge (!) Thank you so much for featuring Charlee on your fabulous A-Z, in many ways she is my favourite character. Probably because she’s most like me and I would have loved to have her adventure – and to have fallen in love with Rafa. Boot Camp Bride is 99p/99c at the moment if anyone fancies downloading it. Have a great day and continued success with your A-Z. I’ll be logging in every day to see who else is featured.


    • I tweeted it today, Lizzie – aha, now I’m beginning to see why you do most of your tweeting by schedule these days, I forgot about caravan life…. I am so envious!


    • You’re welcome Lizzie, Oh dear rain? The shops in Fowey might offer some shelter and the tiny museum might be open today. Fish and Chips to warm you up I think.


      • Yes, Rosie, getting the ferry over there later this morning. Have shared this lovely post on all the usual places, despite poor connection. Thank you so much, you are amazing.


  4. Loved Charlee too Rosie, she’s so spunky yet vulnerable at the same time. A great fun read and I agree with June, a clever, absorbing romp, reminiscent of early Ms Cooper and very Lizzie Lamb!

    My title is Child’s Play …a ghost story about these little ones who appear at dusk in the garden of an old house. Only newcomers Molly and Josh can see them, and only they can resolve the mystery that lies behind these ghostly appearances.


  5. I thought Lizzie Lamb’s book was a terrific read. I just couldn’t help liking Charlee, she is so determined and says what she thinks – I loved the first encounter she has with Rafa. Of course, everyone who reads this book falls a little bit in love with Rafa!
    Thanks for sharing Rosie, I look forward to the other letters…


  6. THANKS FOR COMMENTING, SARAH. Readers seem to like Charlee (phew)and Rafa seems to draw an emotional response, too. I hope you like my new heroine Ishabel when #3 comes out in May.


  7. I have this coming soon on my to read list and am really looking forward to it! Charlee sounds like my kind of gal ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway book titles – when I saw this photo what immediately jumped into my mind was ‘Creepy Little Guys’ (and no I don’t know where my mind is at today!) the way they are set seems like they were moving and at the moment someone looked at them they froze…awkwardly…that screams horror to me…


  8. Hi Rosie – Charlee and her boot camp ride sounds an interesting tale … with certainly a few twists. Your photo – I’d have to say “Come home with me … ”
    Cheers – Hilary


  9. Really nice post Lizzie. I love these characters in Boot Camp Bride. Enjoying the read.
    Always sure of a mix of humour and satire in Lizzie books where romance is sure to blossom.


  10. I think I’m going with Collecting Cookies because that looks almost like what they’re doing. Great post today ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Love the sound of the name Rafael Fonseca-Ffinch from Boot Camp Bride. Now for the “C” book title: Childhood Friends (Forever) – a nineteenth-century ghostly tale.


  12. Really got involved with Charlee’s and Rafa’s adventure. Also thought they were a great comedy double act, and not forgetting Camper Van, quite a character too. Boot Camp Bride in my opinion is a rollicking good read.
    As for a title for the picture, I’m pretty clueless – not that’s not the title., The girl looks as though she’s giving him the come-on so how about Come with Me, please.
    Oh, and sorry I’m late. Busy day.


  13. Hi!

    Thanks for the shout out! Greatly appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you C post, especially with the audience participation…

    Let’s see…a “c” title for your pic….

    Captive Children

    It could be a paranormal or non paranormal murder/mystery concerning the disappearance of local children.

    Thanks again for linking to my blog!



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