Reality Is In A Dream by Lauren Mayhew

Reality is in a DreamReality is in a Dream by Lauren Mayhew

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Reality Is In A Dream is a debut YA paranormal fantasy. It’s storyline is a complex mix of dream worlds and reality. Liliana Mallory wakes on the morning of her sixteenth birthday from a dream, but all is not as it would seem, she doesn’t recognise her parents and asks after a brother who does not exist.

At school the strangeness continues when she already knows what present her friends will give her. New best friend Justin tries to help her out and listens to everything she wants to tell him. They have a platonic relationship, no romance at all more like brother and sister.

Through further dreams and periods of unconsciousness Lily’s story unfolds, she remembers herself aged five with a brother and magical powers, this setting is in the past as their clothing reflects. A different Justin is in her dreams too and he tries to give her hints and lessons for the future, but Lily must find her own answers.

Lily soon discovers that she is a Custos, a guardian and her magical power allows her to move into reflective surfaces like mirrors. She’s conscious of a lady watching her from the sky at times and events occur which make her question the reality she is living. She fears the lady in the sky and must heed the message from Justin – “You must Run”.

This book took a while to get into, the back story is all dreams, I felt the book began to pick up pace when Justin disappeared and Lily was taken to Cornwall. This made Lily think for herself and the storyline came together for a cliff hanger ending ready for the second book in the series.

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