Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Amanda reviews The Black Swan Inheritance by Marigold Dicer

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Amanda chose to read and review The Black Swan Inheritance by Marigold Dicer


This book is Marigold debut it a urban fantasy which i do enjoy it got werewolves and vampires the story has got a lot of violence in but it seem to fit in so well with the plot it very action packed
Anita the main character i like that as the book when on she seem to grown into a better stronger person.
Some of her decision she make were not good ones but i felt this helped with the plot it just pull you to story it just makes you want to carry on reading to see what she going to do next what power she found she got now
At the start she seem to be a normal young lady she like to go out somethings but you can just tell she was a bit different to other young lady i was not sure why to start with  i was not sure of her character but this made me want to find out more about her
A lot of things seemed to be happening to her or around her you just get pulled into her character i got to say the plot did lose me at times but then i got that she was mixed up so that why the story jump about about so then it did make sense to you once realised that was going on
I enjoy hearing about her new powers she found she had . She was a very strong character
The plot was very action packed it got a lot of twists it will grip you it the plot
I did feel this book was a good introduction to all the characters i can not wait for the next one now
The book written so well the writing style  easy to follow you get pulled to the plot the story lines do swap very fast as the characters seem to change so fast one minute they could be clam and loving the next there be fighting with each other
All the characters were very likeable some were very deep you will just want to know more about them it a great story very enjoyable read  i am looking for to the next book
Thank you to marigold for letting me read for part of Rosie review team.
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