Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Suraya reviews Girl In The Black Pajamas by Chris Birdy

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Suraya chose to read and review Girl In The Black Pajamas by Chris Birdy


The Girl in Black Pyjamas

Chris Birdy


An employee of R&B Investigations is on his way to work. Outside the entrance, an assailant shoots him in the back four times and the search for a laptop begins. Cut to South Florida and a film studio shooting porn movies. Cut to a family having dinner in another location. Here we meet Bogie Gruger and his precocious daughter Isabella who calls him ‘Da-Dee’.

At four years of age she knows how to Google and we find this out because she has just told her father she Googled ‘yawn’. “Google,” she says is “very educational.” Enter Isabella’s younger brother Hankster. Bogie’s wife, Bailey, cleans up after Isabella who has taken a piece of his banana and created havoc with it – typical sibling rivalry.

We then discover Isabella loves Kill Bill2 and is a martial arts expert. Yes, the pyjamas are in fact ‘warrior’ clothes. Isabella has fine swords(man/woman/ship) skills having literally killed a ‘monster’ who was trying to abduct her when she was three years old. Yes, this kid is definitely not the ordinary Dora the Explorer kind of kid.

Back to Boston and we meet Rose, ‘the R and R&B Investigations.’ She has a transgender friend called Coco. Not sure why we needed to know about Coco and that she or (he?) was transgender. Keeping up with all the characters is something of a challenge.

Rose goes to the office and disconnects the modems because she does not want the authorities to find out their main business is computer hacking. The laptop Tommie was carrying is key and the search is on for it.

Isabella is amazingly clever for a four year old and pops in and out of the story, showing off her computer skills, her Bokken sword skills, her frame-by-frame knowledge of Kill Bill2. She sure has plenty to say in between viewings and practising her Kung Fu moves.

There are complicated relationships such as the one between Bogie and Bailey and Bogie’s former wife Olga to navigate as well.

The plot is complex but it all comes together in the end.

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7 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Suraya reviews Girl In The Black Pajamas by Chris Birdy

  1. Can’t work this out – is it meant to be a children’s book? I thought it must be by the cover and the content, but the transgender bit confused me (unless we’re going totally PC here!)


  2. I’m reading the first book, Girl in White Pajamas, so far I’m enjoying. It sounds like the next book picks up where the first leaves off, looking forward to reading the next installment.


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