Haunted by Maria Savva

HauntedHaunted by Maria Savva

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Haunted is the tragic tale of Nigel Price, a man whose child-born anger issues developed as he matured and bubbled over in a terrible accident and left him haunted by his actions for the next twenty years.

Nigel had a strict upbringing from parents who didn’t want to have a spoilt child, but instead left him feeling unloved and jealous of his friends and the material objects their parents generously gave. It lead to bouts of lashing out angrily and a false bravado which as a teenager he fuelled with drink.

As an adult Nigel was an IT specialist but still he felt the need to prove himself to his parents and those around, he was brash and loud and drove his car too fast, showing emotional needs of power seeking.

All this came to a head on the night of August 19th 1991. Nigel was driving home late, taking a road to avoid heavy traffic, he was speeding, when forced to stop abruptly by a woman driver at traffic lights.

Emily Baxter’s life ended that night in a terrible set of events, and Nigel’s life as he knew it ended too. Fear and guilt took over as the days, weeks, months and years went by with no-one solving the case of Emily Baxter. One man knew the truth and it plagued his life.

Nigel withdrew from his wife, his family, his friends and his IT job and kept to himself until Kelly entered his life. That’s when things took a spookier turn.

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