The Recruiting Trip by Lexy Timms

The Recruiting Trip (The University of Gatica, #1)The Recruiting Trip by Lexy Timms

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The Recruiting trip is a NA American college sport romance and the first book in the Gatica series. Aileen Nessa is an eighteen year old 100m hurdles champion and she’s currently looking at which University she’d like to attend to continue her sport and her studies.

As she’s ranked tenth in the world talent seeking coaches and colleges are keen to offer her a place in their athletics programs. A visit to Gatica State University is the last one on her list and one she’s not seriously considering because of it’s position in New York state meaning it has cold winters which aren’t great for track training.

However coach Anderson is keen to woo her to his college team and he goes out of his way to make her feel welcome, he even rolls out Tyrone Jensen the schools NCAA hurdle champion to entice Aileen. Tyrone is a hunk and great eye candy and Aileen is surprised he’s willing to spend time with her over the recruiting weekend. Despite his popularity Tyrone is impressed with Aileen’s sporting achievements and her own beauty, there’s a spark between them which promises of much more to come in the following books in the series.

I enjoyed reading about the US University system for sport which differs from the UK admissions systems, the book was well paced and the teaser of romance was enough to keep me interested and left me wanting to know more when the book ended.

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