Witch Crystal by Malika Gandhi

Witch Crystal, The Adventure BeginsWitch Crystal, The Adventure Begins by Malika Gandhi

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Witch Crystal is a paranormal fantasy suitable for the young adult market. The book opens with a woman and child fleeing from the Empire witches of Zrotaz and taking a shuttle to Earth.

Several years later the child Larissa is now fifteen years old, she knows little of her past, however she does know she is a witch herself. When the Empire witches try to capture Larissa, her mother finally explains why Larissa is so important. A prophecy has foretold that she will be the one to save the witches from evil. But first she has a quest to repair the holes in the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Larissa is aided by a crystal and many other witches and magical folk, whilst others who are commanded by the High witch try to stop her. Friends back on Zrotaz are also working to stop the High witch and they face their own trials.

The quest will continue in the second book.

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