Motherlove by Thorne Moore

MotherloveMotherlove by Thorne Moore

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Motherlove is contemporary fiction and a heart-wrenching tale of three mothers and their love for their children. Mrs Parish haunts a local park everyday searching for any clues which would lead her to find her baby who was snatched twenty-two years ago. She is a shell barely surviving, constantly facing those who accuse her of murdering her baby, even after so many years.

Kelly Sheldon arrives home to find her Mum seriously ill. Roz has always shied away from doctors and authority but now she needs help, diagnosed with Diabetes, she’s damaged her kidneys. The vegetarian diet they eat will help her recovery and Roz still insists on her herbal remedies, but Kelly goes behind her back to have tests to see if she can donate a kidney for a Mother’s survival.

Gillain walks on eggshells around her angry daughter never knowing the right way to deal with her and always feeling guilty about never finding the right time to tell her she is adopted. That is until the evil Joan blabs in yet another bought of hatred towards her family. Grasping for details Vicky digs up news reports from twenty-two years ago which fuel her anger at the world.

As the story unfolds we read of women who were victims of strong emotions surrounding their babies and life experiences which shaped their futures. There’s no right or wrong definition of a mother’s love in the constant flux of life but it still exists.

A very good tale which kept me enthralled until the end.

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