Baby Girl Book 4 by Elle Klass

Baby Girl Book 4: Bite the Big AppleBaby Girl Book 4: Bite the Big Apple by Elle Klass

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Baby Girl Book 4 – The Big Apple is the conclusive in a series of short stories surrounding the coming of years of a runaway teenager until the present day on the eve of her twenty-first birthday.

Book one saw the young child left alone by an uncaring mother. She decided life on the run would be better than what she currently had. Calling herself Cleo she met up with other runaway children and formed a survival relationship with Einstein.

Book two, and Cleo changer her persona to Justine and moved to Paris and became involved with hotelier Didier. She became a model and began research into her past to find out more about her missing Mum.

Book three, and Justine was shed for Shanna to escape those that followed her. Shanna got work for La Tige a private detective, and used the opportunity to dig deeper in to her past.

Book four now concludes Cleo’s search, she is now an executive secretary for William Briggs III. She discovers the women she thought was her Mum was only caring for her in a complicated web of secrecy. She meets the parents of Einstein and lays to rest some of his ghosts and finally she writes a book about these runaway years of her life to share with all those people who touched her life but with whom she couldn’t share the truth until now.

I’m really pleased we got closure for Cleo, each previous book left us hanging on cliff edges, looking back I have enjoyed the series very much.

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