Raven’s Choice by Harper Swan

Raven's Choice (The Replacement Chronicles Book 1)Raven’s Choice by Harper Swan

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Raven’s choice is a short historical fiction book, just fifty seven pages long and the first book in The Replacement Chronicles series. It’s like a tantalising introduction to what there is to come. The book has two time settings the first is California in the twenty first century, the second is set in the late Pleistocene era (think early man),

In the present day Mark Hayek works for the Parkinson’s Institute as part of Genetics and Me Inc. He’s recently been asked to provide a saliva sample as part of some routine investigations.

The reader is then taken back in time to meet a group of early humans travelling back to their tribe when they come across a bison hunt led by a despised group they call “Longheads”. Neither of the two groups like or accept each other, their ways being alien to the other group. Yet there are clues that this may well change in the future.

The book ends back in present time looking at Neanderthal ancestry and genetics through the generations, leaving the reader with plenty of questions to be answered in the next book in the series.

This is a good storyline and made me immediately think of very popular Clan Of The Cave Bear series. The present day parts were written in present tense third person and didn’t quite work for me.

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