Walking The Edge by Zee Monodee

Walking The Edge (Corpus Brides Trilogy, #1)Walking The Edge by Zee Monodee

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Walking On the Edge is a romantic Suspense and the first book in the Corpus Brides series. It’s NOT about weddings, this is hard edgy suspense. Amelia Jamison lives in London with her well to do husband Peter who allows her plenty of money for shopping, with her own bodyguard/ chauffeur. She’s living a privileged life as she recovers from a traumatic accident that left her needing plastic surgery.

Yet something is off kilter, the marriage is cold and Amelia was left with amnesia from the accident, all she knows is what Peter tells her of her former life. Each day she must take drugs to help her recovery which knock her out for hours and Peter is most insistent that she continues with the drugs months after her surgery.

It starts with glimpses of memories whilst she’s asleep, and a feeling of being followed while she’s out shopping. Amelia plans an escape and grabs at an opportunity when she loses her bodyguard one day. Marseilles rings a bell with her and she heads there looking for answers.

Commissaire Gerard Besson is suspicious of the Lady who arrives asking for him. Yet when he is later attacked she’s there saving him. Why does she feel familiar? Instincts and police training pull him in opposite directions as he tries to help Amelia solve the mystery as to just who she is. Yet he’s also pulled in by his feelings for her, which are dangerous to allow when more than one dark character is also drawn to Marseille and the hunt for the truth gets serious.

I liked the fact that there were lots of layers to this story which kept getting peeled away, just when I thought I knew who Amelia was, another layer revealed more. A very good suspense mystery.

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