Trading Vincent Crow by D.C.J Wardle

Trading Vincent CrowTrading Vincent Crow by D.C.J. Wardle

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Trading Vincent Crow is a book of British dark humour. Don’t let the title put you off. We first meet Vincent Crow employed in a lowly job as kitchen pot-washer in a pub called “The Carrot and Jam Kettle” in the Midlands of England; it’s New Year’s Eve. Vowing not to be stuck in this job forever Vince decides it’s time to aim higher, he’s got a trade-up plan to better himself in life.

Through luck and keeping his eyes open to opportunities, his head on his shoulders and his strict three month trade-up rule Vince finds himself as; a bar-man, a factory worker, a London hotel receptionist, a temporary hotel manager, a London cabbie, a Porsche driving Chauffeur, a Pub manager and ends his year with an offer to run a business in Asia.

I did find the first part of the book a bit slow, it pre-dates the internet boom and the social networking of today, but once Vince got to London, the book picked up and had me chuckling along. The black-market world of the foreign Europeans and their scheming hard-working ways to make money poked fun at the more gullible Westerners. I particularly warmed to Vince’s Nan when he came home and her colourful language, plus there is a delightful episode with a Tiger in Asia.

A quick read and definitely one with a few giggles along the way.

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9 thoughts on “Trading Vincent Crow by D.C.J Wardle

  1. Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for the great review. I’m glad you enjoyed the humour. Vince’s nan was the character I enjoyed writing for the most. In the sequel, Vince’s nan becomes a far more prominent character, primarily to enable my indulgence in her non-sequitur ranting. It’s set in SE Asia where I’ve lived off and on for many years, so hopefully my experience adds to the depth of the story.


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