Deceived by Brenda Burling

DeceivedDeceived by Brenda Burling

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Deceived is a book about British housewife Julia Weston, a lady who currently lives a privileged lifestyle near Cambridge. She has staff to run her household, her children in private education and a bottomless bank balance. That is until she finds her top of the range mobile phone no longer works, the staff are missing and so are her husband and children.

Unable to go to the police because her children are supposed to be on a family holiday with their father and in no apparent danger, Julia discovers the family house has been sold and she has just four days to move out. Her husband’s business partner is in the dark as much as Julia, until he gets a visit from the Inland Revenue who are after the £4.7 million owed to them in back taxes.

Luckily Julia finds a forgotten bank account and puts together details of where her husband may have gone with the children and she makes a lucky guess finding them in Florida. She’ll go to any lengths to get her girls back.

The book is very well written, and although the actions of Julia’s husband are shocking, I would have liked to see a lot more drama in the book. I found it hard to connect to Julia the victim, she wasn’t penniless, she found money, she easily found a trail to her husband, got a flight upgrade and found generous people to help her. Perhaps an element of danger hovering more obviously throughout or even mild violence may take the book to another level. At the moment it is a safe unfortunate tale of how the privilege may fall, but not for long.

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