Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Karen reviews Hunters by Aoife Sheridan

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Karen chose to read and review Hunters by Aoife Sheridan


The book introduces you to Abigail Thornton, demon hunter. She is troubled and – she is trouble. With Hunters, Aoife Marie Sheridan has created a rather intriguing story of a group of demon hunters and their secrets. Hunters is an entertaining and gripping read with characters who stubbornly try to hide the skeleton they have in their cupboard. Aoife Marie Sheridan slowly but surely reveals Abigail’s issues. It took me a few pages to be drawn into the story, then I felt like an invisible part of the team. I considered Abigail quite exhausting; this is not as bad as it might seem: She is only 19, has a dreadful past – at least from my point of view. All other characters have their own issues to deal with. Towards the end there are some interesting revelations. This first instalment ends with a cliff-hanger. I trust that we will not have to wait long for the second instalment. Hunters is a good read for paranormal and/or urban fantasy fans.

I consider this a book to read again and am looking forward to reading the second instalment.

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