Eyes Of The Enemy by Kelly Hess

Eyes of the Enemy (BlackMyst, #1)Eyes of the Enemy by Kelly Hess

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Eyes Of the Enemy is the first book in the Blackmyst series of books. A Fantasy series suitable for middle grade children or early teenagers. This is a world with humans who live in Delvengard and the Sorak, a race with magical abilities who live underground. In a village in the Blackmyst forest, twelve year old Beynn Firehand lives with his father.

The villagers have just had the summer solstice celebrations when it is attacked by a band of Sorak rebels who seek Beynn. He escapes to his uncles’, but discovers he has powers of his own, confused and frightened, he discovers that his life has been a lie. The Sorak are seeking Beynn because he is DanShal, a boy of legend who will have great power for his people.

This is a popular style of storyline and should appeal well to this age group of readers. There are a lot of characters with unusual names to get your head around. The story continues in book two.

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