Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Bev reviews Dare To Lose by E.L. Lindley

Today’s book review is from team member Bev.


She chose to read and review Dare To Lose by E.L. Lindley.

Dare To Lose by E.L. Lindley

Dare To Lose by E.L. Lindley

I enjoyed this book over Christmas.
After a gentle start, the plot gets exciting when a young waitress disappears under mysterious circumstances.  Dare to Lose is essentially a ‘whodunnit’ incorporating a twist of romance, with a skilful measure of violence, danger and suspense.  The story is well constructed with great tension at times, and the characters, some of them extremely undesirable, are well drawn.  Nicola is a middle-aged woman who risks all she has built up over the years to start up a café, serving homemade meals and delicious cakes.  She’s a kind person who suffers from a range of mild neuroses, especially when it comes to men.  She is in need of someone to love.  I especially like the protagonist’s mother, who is a frank, fun-loving, well-balanced person not afraid to break the stereotypical descriptors associated with ‘being old’.  Although Jack, the American love interest, is rather one-dimensional, I was interested in what would happen as his relationship with Nicola, deepened.
Apart from a couple of spelling slips, the writing is almost flawless (which is important to me) with an easy style that flows and hardly ever jars.
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  1. Thanks so much Rosie and Bev, this has made my day. I’m feeling rather inappropriately giddy in the work place so if I get the sack it’s down to the pair of you 😀


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