The Museum Of Fractured Lives by Sally Jenkins

The Museum of Fractured Lives OmnibusThe Museum of Fractured Lives Omnibus by Sally Jenkins

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The Museum Of Fractured Lives is a quick read, a collection of four inter-connecting stories. Vanessa’s husband drops the idea of divorce in her lap after thirty tears of marriage and on the day she agreed to take early retirement from her job. A new start frightens her. Steven is also on the brink of a new dream and they find themselves both bidding for the same property.

The idea behind the museum comes from a Museum for broken relationships in Zagreb. People will donate objects from their past misery so that they can move on with their lives. Steven will run the museum and Vanessa will run a tea shop. The tea shop becomes a place where people will go for a little comfort while finally deciding to release their object to the museum and Vanessa gets their stories which will anonymously be attached to the museum items.

The book moves on to tell the tale of three very different people who have items for the museum. Vanessa has a big part in these tales but Steven’s role is lost as only the curator of the museum, I would have liked to see a little more of him as Steven in the latter part of the book. Just a small named interaction would have kept his earlier role alive.

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