The Parrot Told Me by Rachael Rawlings

The Parrot Told MeThe Parrot Told Me by Rachael Rawlings

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The Parrot Told me is a mystery surrounding the murder of Monica Gibs. The opening pages are really gripping and the author does a wonderful job of drip feeding information so that I stayed enthralled wanting to know more.

Camille has been left Monica’s African Grey parrot and is very impressed by his talents to talk and learn tricks. His ability to copy voices makes Camille curious about Monica’s death. Aided by best friend Leo and another resident from the apartments Camille finds her search leads to danger. Just who did murder Monica and why?

Twists and turns and several suspects, plus an ending I didn’t see coming. A Very good read.

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  1. You Temptress, Rosie Amber! Intrigued – sounds like my kind of read, especially over the Christmas holidays, so now on my Kindle.


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