The Beachcombers by Stephanie Queen

The Beachcombers (Scotland Yard Exchange Book 4)The Beachcombers by Stephanie Queen

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The Beachcombers is a romantic suspense. Shana George is an undercover agent from Sydney who has been assigned to a case in Martha’s Vineyard in America. She must pose as a beach bunny heiress taking part in a surfing competition. She’s been partnered with Dane Blaise a man with a past who was hoping to get some vacation time until The General called him in on the case.

Susan Whittier has gone missing and the surfing competition looks like a fake front for something more sinister. Shana and Dane must work quickly to find and rescue Susan. Local con man Jean Luc Ruse is caught up with a set of much more dangerous men and soon everything must come to a head as time starts to run out for Susan.

This is a well paced book, with plenty of sexual tension between Shana and Dane, I wasn’t sure a couple of times if the character’s security measures matched the storyline, but this was fairly minor and there was the odd typo towards the end. Overall a good read.

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