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Rosie’s Avid readers are people who like reading and have a book to tell us about, they are the voice of a friend who says ” I just read this book….”

Today’s book on the Avid reader theme has previously been read and reviewed by me as an e-book. I really enjoyed the book, connecting with it in a big way and I wanted to share my experience with some of my regular avid readers who prefer a paperback, so I bought a copy to share with others.

Rosie's Avid Readers

The Singing Bowl was also featured on Day 3 of our Mystery November Tour

The Singing Bowl - Roy Dimond

The Singing Bowl – Roy Dimond

The Singing Bowl   by Roy Dimond. Avid Reader’s thoughts


The tale of a Monk who travels from Tibet to British Columbia via Pakistan Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt & Santorini to name but a few. His preferred method of travel is on foot, while he goes in search of a Long Lost Book.  What is that book? There is a mystery in the book and where it will be found. Our Monk searches over many years failing to find anything material but what is found is the very meaningful way love, peace & understanding can be found between all races & religions. Through-out the years of travel there is meditation & even very deep meditation sometimes in groups often looking back & forth in time. An extremely readable & thought provoking book of travel, adventure and mind searching.

Book Description

A Tibetan monk embarks on a journey of a lifetime, filled with harrowing dangers and strange mysteries. His quest is to find a lost book and save an ancient way of life. Under attack from Chinese Communists, a monk traveling the wilds of Tibet is given a daunting task – to bring a way of life back from the brink. That’s the spellbinding journey revealed in Roy Dimond’s new, action-packed adventure tale. Given an ancient artifact from his monastery, the sacred Singing Bowl, the young monk heads out on a trek to find a lost book and reunite a broken circle to keep his centuries-old civilization alive. Join the intrepid monk as he: # Finds the love of his life in exotic Katmandu. # Links up in Egypt with the Old Woman of Alexandria. # Meets the strange Mexican Carlos at the wondrous Machu Picchu. # Encounters a wise student of Mahatma Gandhi called the Librarian. # Learns the precious secrets of the Navajo Indians. # Meets Albert Einstein’s boyhood friend. And lives many more incredible adventures in The Singing Bowl, a riveting new book in which the traveling monk and all of us learn that the true meaning of any quest is wrapped within the experience itself.

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  1. With regard to travelling and research, I did travel almost all the locations. Missed a couple places but did exhausting research on the places I did not visit. This effort was five years of my life. A true effort of love. For any who read it, I would love to hear from you. I’ve heard from readers from almost as many places around the globe as is mentioned in The Singing Bowl.



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