How To Lose 14lbs In A Week by Ian Probert

How to lose
How to Lose 14lb’s in a week, is a book I would consider putting in the dark humour genre. The title would suggest a self-help book, however  the author is quick to point out that it is NOT SELF HELP to anyone other than the lead character John.
The book is about John and his dying estranged father, but it’s also about John working through his own anger and resentments and admitting to his own reasons for hating his father. The reader is almost a fly on the wall listening in at a therapy session, working through all the turmoil until we get to the moment when John and his father sit down and finally talk things through and make their peace.
The journey to this point in not a short one, we learn about John’s job at Gravity Publications and we get involved in a complex social life. John is at times highly critical of others reflecting what he doesn’t like about his own life, but at other times he is incredibly generous. He is a terribly confused sole who doesn’t seem quite sure what he really wants in life until it’s almost too late.
This isn’t a light read, nor a particularly happy one, I’d say it sums up the lives of many who are depressed and angry at the life they live today.
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  1. Hi Rosie – I almost passed over this review because I thought it was a self help book. And, it’s no use in my considering losing any weight until after all the Christmas goodies are consumed. However, I was surprised by the actual story line. It seems to be very thought-provoking. Thanks! 🙂


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