Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT Karen reviews UnBlessed by Crystin Goodwin

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Karen chose to read and review Unblessed by Crystin Goodwin


My Opinion

The book introduces you to Kisara, eagerly anticipating her blessing ceremony. Together with her friend and neighbour Lucien she waits for her turn. Lucien receives the greatest blessing, and Kisara is thrilled. She is called – and is not blessed by any of the elements. This has happened before; the blessing ceremony can be repeated until the age of 19. She is not blessed; stays close to her friend Lucien and his cohabitants. Rumours start as highly blessed Lucien maintains the friendship. I will not tell you more about the story than shown in the Goodreads plot description. This would spoil the fun of reading this book yourself.

With UnBlessed, Crystin Goodwin has created an intriguing story of a teenager in Myrillia, desperately trying to find out what is wrong with her. UnBlessed focuses on Kisara and her feelings and actions. The author grants Kisara her own pace – a very nice touch. The other relevant characters are described in sufficient depth, are convincing. The story drew me in more and more. UnBlessed is a great read for fans of young adult and fantasy novels.

This book is an enjoyable read, and the first in a series. I’ll certainly read it again

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