Baby Girl Book 2 – Moonlighting In Paris by Elle Klass

Baby Girl Book 2 Moonlighting in Paris (Baby Girl, #2)Baby Girl Book 2 Moonlighting in Paris by Elle Klass

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Baby Girl Book 2 – Moonlighting in Paris is the second book in this short book series. Just 37 pages long it follows the next chapter in the life of a young run-away. I do think you need to read book one first then you will understand why Chloe has changed her identity to be Justine and why anyone would want to take a flight from New York to Paris via Moscow.

To read this as a stand alone book we aren’t told much about Justine. In the first book she began as a twelve year old and the book could be read by the YA audience. Justine has now grown older but I’m unsure of her age and the writing in this book is for a much older audience. Both books are ok for adults but they may miss on other potential audiences.

For me Justine’s leap from life on the run with Einstein to life with Didier was too easy a step with luxury and opportunities which were the opposite of her life in book one. With the story being short we are fed tit-bits about the search for her past and we are introduced to a possible stalker, who may or may not be a threat to Justine’s life.

Her story will continue in book three.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Girl Book 2 – Moonlighting In Paris by Elle Klass

  1. There is always this is problem with sequels – they need to stand alone as well. It’s a fair review, I think. Perhaps if it’s so short it could be compiled into one book? Sounds interesting.


  2. Thank you again. This was my first series and I think is fair criticism. Writing is a learning process. The idea of putting them together into a box set has crossed my mind and so far those who have read agree that it would be a great idea. Any more feedback on that idea is welcome. 🙂


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