Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Sterna reviews Seaside Hearts by Melissa Foster

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Sterna read and reviewed Seaside Hearts By Melissa Foster in conjunction with Brook Cottage Books


My Thoughts

Ms Foster – Just Perfect … once again 🙂

The book starts where Jenna meets up with the girls in Seaside and you immediately sigh happily – home sweet home! (I did say that I was moving to Seaside after reading Seaside Dreams)

Jenna has had a crush on Pete since forever, but they have always been friends, and just friends. The confident and sexy Jenna we have come to know disappears when she’s face to face with the ultra sexy Pete, leaving her floundering for even a few simple words and feeling like a wallflower.

This summer, things are different though as Jenna decides to give up on Pete ever noticing her and makes a bold move on a good looking visitor, much to the girls amusement and Pete’s shock! He’s forced to notice the REAL Jenna in all her glory – and quiet wallflower she definitely ain’t!

Pete has a lot on his plate, and the last thing he wants to do is drag anyone, especially Jenna, into the mess. But after an hilarious run in – that once again had me squealing like a girl, covering my face as I laughed and shaking my head at poor Jenna – Pete can’t ignore the (hot, hot, hot) spark between him and Jenna and things take a turn for the … sexy!

LOVE Jenna with all her little quirks, OCD tendencies and just her general Jenna-isms as Pete so beautifully put it, and really like that our vivacious Jenna turns into a real girl around Pete – and who wouldn’t want all that is the sexy and mysterious Pete with his wild side protecting them, and driving them insane … and giving you you’re own princess crown!

Funny. Sexy. Heartfelt. Finding that one person that makes you feel like no one else ever has, and with who you can share anything and everything.
Just Perfect.

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