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The Glitter and the Gold by Consuela Vanderbilt Balsan.
Avid Reader’s thoughts.
The bringing together of two famous families, one in America who coverted a Dukedom and one in the U.K. who needed an injection of money. The Vanderbilt daughter became the Duchess of Marlborough and the Mistress of Blenheim . The couple were part of the scene within the Courts of Europe and Empire.
This is the personel story of the author and illustrates a level of life between the two world wars.
Not a happy marriage but she finally finds happiness in another world.
Book Description
This is the fascinating story of the American heiress, Consuelo Vanderbilt, who married the ninth Duke of Marlborough for anything but love in 1895. A very human story told with candor and objectivity. It will keep your interest from the first page to the last. Everybody who was anybody can be seen in these pages. From artists and writers to statesmen of the world – view her world from the splendors of the courts of St. Petersburg and Vienna to the cold and desolate winter in France of 1940’s. Here is a very candid and revealing personal story coupled with a unique insider’s view of aristocracy’s golden age.
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