Moscow Bound By Adrian Churchward

Moscow BoundMoscow Bound by Adrian Churchward

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Moscow bound is a mystery set in and around Moscow in 2013. It begins with a murder of a lone man. The rest of the tale is spread over a time period of just over a week, filled with plenty of action. We meet Scott Mitchell, a human rights lawyer who has just won a case in the European courts against the Russian military.

Scott bravely returns to Moscow where he works, but he’s upset a powerful enemy and his return to Russia is not an easy one. The publicity he has gained sends a new client to him. Ekaterina Romanova is searching for her father who has been held captive without trial for many years. She only has one thread of a trail to start their search but when they get caught on camera at the scene of a crime more than one set of people want to know more about them.

Is Ekaterina telling Scott the truth? What is she not telling him? Why is General Pravda interested in their search and just who can you trust in a country which often shoots first and asks questions later? As the Russian people embrace some of their newer freedom, the old men who ruled with iron fists are dying off, but fighting within still exists and will anyone in Russia ever learn to trust again? There are many twists and turns in the book which kept me glued to the pages to find out just who or what is drawn Moscow Bound.

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  2. Hi Rosie .. this sounds very interesting … I can’t see Russia changing too much – until the people rise … Despot in charge, and thugs in other places .. still change is creeping in – I’ve never been to Russia, though have been to Eastern Europe … I imagine this would at least describe some of the amazing places Moscow holds, and then the undercurrents running through, particularly the Human Rights aspects .. thanks for telling us about Adrian’s book “Moscow Bound” … cheers Hilary


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