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The Last Hapsburg by Gordon Brook Shepherd tells the story of what can happen to a Royal Family when their position and empire falls about their feet. It begins with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which set off the World War 1. The main character is Ottoman von Hapsburg who in later life was the elder statesman of the European Union.

Book Description_- Book published in 1968

The Best match I could find on Amazon for you as this is an old book Uncrowned Emperor: The Life and Times of Otto Von Habsburg

Otto von Habsburg became the head of the House of Habsburg at nine years old in 1922, on the death in Madeira of his father, the Emperor Karl, four years after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Now ninety, Otto’s life has been an extraordinary and fascinating one. As pretender to the throne of Central Europe, Otto was naturally an important figure in European politics. Strongly opposing Hitler, he spent World War II in America, where he developed a close friendship with F.D.R. and championed the causes of Austria and Hungary. Renouncing his claims, he later became a member of European Parliament and a strong advocate for a unified Europe.

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  1. Hi Rosie – I imagine this would give us a good deal of the background to what happened pre WW1 and how things developed from the Hapsburg’s point of view after WW1 and on beyond WW2 … interesting to see – thank you .. Hilary


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