Inkker Hauser Part 1: Rum Hijack by Phil Conquest

Inkker Hauser Part 1: Rum HijackInkker Hauser Part 1: Rum Hijack by Phil Conquest

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Inkker Hauser Part 1: Rum Hijack is a short book, just 76 pages, it’s very well written around a tale full of dark humour. The protagonist is an obsessive depressive wannabe author and the tale is the first book in a series. Years ago I tried reading “How To Be Good” by Nick Hornby and this book made me think of some of David’s behaviour from that book.

Living in a flat with nine TV’s, a fish, an emergency potato and a large quantity of alcohol our man tries desperately to climb over the wall of writer’s block and find inspiration to write the next best seller. However when the paper remains blank he plunges into violent alcohol fuelled depression. His quest for the elusive story involves meditation to connect to his dead Grandfather in a room accompanied by flashing orange lights stolen from building sites. The highs and lows, the grasping of wisps of ideas and the procrastinating which goes on really are the dark humour that the book promises.

Not your everyday easy read, this book is for those who’ll understand living on the cusp of reality and the pitfalls it may throw your way.

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