Craving By Sofia Grey

Craving  (Talisman #2)Craving by Sofia Grey

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Craving is book 2 in the Talisman Series and I can honestly say that it wasn’t until I was about half way through that I found anything that made me wonder what I’d missed in book 1. This was such an enjoyable read.

Dante is a psychic biker, a young man with tattoos and piercings who is short of cash. We meet him holding a séance in an old RAF aerodrome in Cornwall for students who want to record any activities.

Katherine is one of the circle and Dante labels her as “posh” but is surprised when she returns and offers him a bed for the night. She intrigues him and takes him to her God parents farm near Camelford.

The second night in the aerodrome is much scarier and from it Katherine asks Dante to help her contact her mother. They both return to Manchester, Katherine to her Father’s house and Dante to earn money to pay for his Grandmother’s care home.

In Manchester both Katherine and Dante meet up with Josh and Suki people they’ve known and met before. Suki is haunted by her ex-husband and Josh has met Dante before. Together they find themselves pulled nearer to the darkness and evil of man known as Alistair. Can a new spirit called Eve help Dante out of the mess and the debts he must pay?

I’m a fan of mediums and the psychic world having experienced it’s wonders first hand, so this book appealed to me. It crosses several sub-genres, I would say mild thriller/horror, some hot romance, new adult, ghosts and the after-life. I read the book in a day because I was hooked on the storyline and the strong characters. Definitely worth a read if you like a good ghost mystery.

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