Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth

Midnight SkyMidnight Sky by Jan Ruth

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Midnight Sky has a lovely rural setting in North Wales near Snowdonia, with a smaller minor setting in Chester. Laura Brown lives with her partner Simon and together they run Dragon Designs. They are property developers.

Laura’s sister Maggie lives at Hafod House in North Wales and invites Laura to her birthday party where she meets locals Liz and James Morgan-Jones who run a stable yard. They have some cottages that need modernising and making profitable, Maggie hopes Laura can land the job for them but James is a difficult person to get on with and they start off on a bad foot.

There are some wonderful engaging characters in this book to get behind, Maggie’s daughter Ellie is mildly autistic and learning to ride is an ideal therapy for her. Whilst her older sister Jess is wild, out-spoken and has a major crush on James. Maggie herself is wonderfully protective of all her brood and will go to great lengths for them all.

Then there is Simon, Laura’s partner, struggling through a divorce with a demanding ex-wife and children who take up much of his time and energy. Yet nothing prepares you for the harrowing heart-ache that James is suffering and only Laura can penetrate the walls of mental protection he has built when she becomes equally as vulnerable in her own life.

This book mixes rough, rugged Welsh countryside with a busy horse-yard, property developing and interior design, plus the all important possibility of romance to make your heart melt.

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